Stripes Americana Removable Wallpaper - Half Kit


Redesign your room as an ode to Americana with worry-free removable wallpaper in glorious red and navy stripes. Cover walls both big and small – each wallpaper sheet can be trimmed to fit. Complement your accent wall with road trip photographs, souvenirs from flea market detours, and an oversized map pinned with planned destinations. Keep your walls looking classic – this reusable, removable wallpaper goes on without glue and comes off without a trace.

What's Included:
•Each roll of wallpaper is 94" long x 26" wide
•Half Kit includes 2 rolls of wallpaper totaling 5.22 yards
•Design repeats every 26"
•Squeegee hand tool

Peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper is removable and reusable
BPA and phthalate free

Item shipped worldwide.