Stripe Blue/Cream Removable Wallpaper - Half Kit


Create a gorgeous anchor wall or complete your crisply decorated captain's quarters with classic, commitment-free removable wallpaper. Decorate without the mess – no glues, primers, or pretreatments needed. Add stripes to a soothing nursery scene, or design a dreamy nautical bathroom highlighted with bright yellow towels and a vintage ship-in-a-bottle. Need a new landscape? Each reusable, removable wallpaper sheet peels away without wrecking your walls.

What's Included:
•Each roll of wallpaper is 94" long x 26" wide
•Half Kit includes 2 rolls of wallpaper totaling 5.22 yards
•Design repeats every 26"
•Squeegee hand tool

Peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper is removable and reusable
BPA and phthalate free

Item shipped worldwide.