Origami Zoo Wall Decals


These origami critters would love to live happily in their new habitat in your home. You can quickly apply these decals on your walls and create your own zoo indoors (bonus: this zoo is much easier to clean). You can make it a project with your kids to decorate their playroom, or you can make it a pleasant surprise for them to come home to.

What's Included:
•28 animal decals, including camels, giraffes, bears, swans, and more! (Animals range in size, from 0.25" to 10.5" high)
•85 landscape decals, includes grass clumps, rocks, ponds and a sailboat (Pond decals range in size, from 4.75" to 12" wide)

BPA and phthalate free
Each peel-and-stick wall decal is removable and reusable

Item shipped worldwide.