French Bull Starlight Night Rose Removable Wallpaper - Full Kit


Wish you may, wish you might, have twinkling walls that look just right! Add rosy peel and stick wallpaper speckled with stars and find your design dreams within reach. Instantly decorate dusky dens, brilliant bathrooms, and dazzling bedrooms without commitment or chaos. To apply, simply peel and stick. Each removable wallpaper sheet is reusable and ideal for keeping surfaces safe and sound.

What's Included:
•Wallpaper is 94" long x 26" wide
•Full kit includes includes 4 rolls of wallpaper totaling 10.44 yards
•Design repeats every 26"
•Squeegee hand tool

Peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper is removable and reusable
BPA and phthalate free

Item shipped worldwide.