Enchanted Bunny Removable Wallpaper - Full Kit


Your little miracle deserves to have a magical room to grow up in. Our Enchanted Bunny Removable WallPaper is an amazing way to infuse color and beauty to a child's room. The charming teal color mixed with the adorable bunny motif is a great look for any home. The best part? You can always remove it easily and reuse it for their younger siblings as they grow older.

What's Included:
•Wallpaper is 94" long x 26" wide
•Full kit includes includes 4 rolls of wallpaper totaling 10.44 yards
•Design repeats every 26"
•Squeegee hand tool

Peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper is removable and reusable
BPA and phthalate free

Item shipped worldwide.