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Family Fun: Track Santa's Sleigh with NORAD

NORAD, the air defense command center for the United States and Canada, is now reminding us that there’s a little kid in each and every one of us. The men and women burdened with the life-or-death responsibility of keeping our skies safe also will be using their sophisticated satellites over the next 24 hours to track the exact global whereabouts …

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Not Your Mommy and Daddy's Candy Canes, But Still the Sweetest Wall Decals Ever

You’ve heard of sticker shock?  Well, after my latest visit to the candy aisle at Target, I was just hit with sugar shock. I fully realize I didn’t stumble on a new phenomenon, but I was blown away with how many different candy cane options there are out there now. Maybe it’s because I’ve been trying to eat less sweets …

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Gingerbread houses that sweeten the holiday spirit

Remember when the expectations for making a gingerbread house was the 3D equivalent of a children’s stick-figure drawing with simple crosses on the windows? Those days are long gone.  The above architectural cookie masterpiece is a replica of the Winchester Mystery House, a 160-room Victorian mansion with twisting halls and secret passageways built by Sarah Winchester, the heiress to the …

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