Move Aside, Black Friday – Introducing STICKER SUNDAY!

Please, Please, PLEASE tell me you are not going to wake up at 2 a.m. on Black Friday and risk a shopping mall trampling for the opportunity to save a little more money on your holiday gifts. If you are lucky enough to have Friday off, how about giving a gift to your health (or your secret love for laziness) and get a few extra hours of sleep?

Yes, shopping and spending is vital to boost the economy and is absolutely patriotic. But stuff will still be at the stores at noon on Black Friday, with sales galore!

Of course, now post-Thanksgiving sales have been extended beyond the holiday weekend into “Cyber Monday,” the day we are all supposed to blow off our work responsibilities and do our shopping on-line. And now, there’s even Small Business Saturday, an American Express-backed campaign to support local merchants and independent retailers who might be squeezed out by the Big Box Stores.

I’m going to be frank with you. We here at WallCandy have been getting a little panicky about all the days of the week getting snapped up for special sales. That’s why we have now staked a promotional claim to the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Introducing…. Sticker Sunday! This Sunday, venture out to our WallCandy Sales Room and feast your eyes on most of your favorite wall decals at special holiday prices. As a bonus, Sticker Sunday prices will be extended through midnight on Cyber Monday.

The Sale Room will also carry unique children’s toys and books, including one about a bear who likes to wear underwear (I suspect that rhyming is quite frequent in the dialogue).

And here’s another open secret. If you sign up for our free newsletter, you can have a 10-percent off sale any day that you wish. Our subscribers immediately receive a discount coupon code for 10-percent off — and then receive exclusive WallCandy discounts and the scoop on upcoming sales throughout the year.

But back to Black Friday.   Two years ago, a vicious mob of impatient shoppers trampled a Long Island Wal-Mart employee to death. Some of the crowd of 2,000 people had been chanting “Push the doors in!” before the incident.

Using actual footage of past Black Friday mobs, Saturday Night Live just did a parody of insane consumer behavior and the crazy marketing that spurs it:

We have faith that our sticker customers are more civil and care about humanity. But in any case, the WallCandy on-line sales floor is guaranteed to be trample-free.  No need for karate lessons. No need for a bodyguard.  Just relax at home on Sticker Sunday and shop without anxiety. :)

(In case you were wondering, the cute child growth chart wall stickers pictured above is part of the sale!)


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